3 Tips That Will Make The Tooth Fairy Proud

Often times it can be difficult to encourage your child to take their dental health seriously. Luckily, the legend of the tooth fairy is a great way to not only mark the loss of your child’s tooth, but also get the conversation started about good oral hygiene.

Here are some tooth fairy approved tips to get your child excited about good oral hygiene:

1. Plaque is the tooth fairy’s enemy!

Tell your child that plaque is the tooth fairy’s enemy, and that she visits children who have little to no plaque on their teeth. Brushing twice daily bans germs from your mouth, and defeats plaque making them a tooth saving hero!

2. Encourage visits to the tooth fairy’s “friend the dentist”.

Tell your children that the tooth fairy and your dentist are good friends. Every time your child visits the dentist, the tooth fairy knows and will be undoubtedly proud! If you can, let the dentist in on the story so they can play along!

3. Have the tooth fairy leave a fairy-sized letter for your kid
This is the time you can really praise your child for all their hard work taking care of their teeth. Have the tooth fairy compliment them with how impressed she was with the good shape that their tooth was in. This will inspire your child to keep up the good work, and they will aim to get another positive note from the tooth fairy in the future!

The most important notion behind the tooth fairy is starting the conversation about good oral hygiene with your children. Dental health can be hard for parents to discuss with their children. The tooth fairy not only is something relatable to children, but also it creates excitement surrounding good dental health. For more information about how to talk to your children about practicing good oral hygiene, call our office today!