Bounce Back To A Straighter Smile

bounce back to a straighter smile

As helpful as braces can be in aligning and straightening the smile, sometimes they just aren’t effective enough on their own. Often, there are issues with your bite alignment or the placement of your teeth that means you’ll need more than braces alone. When your orthodontist comes across issues such as these, they will often prescribe you elastic rubber bands, or orthodontic interarch elastics. These rubber bands help orthodontists better grip the tops and bottom teeth together.

Do Elastics Hurt?

These elastics are a relatively painless addition to your orthodontic experience. For the first week of use, they may cause some soreness while your mouth becomes acclimated to them. Once this happens, they should be painless.

What if I Swallow an Elastic?

Rubber bands have been known to snap or break when laughing or yawning, but this shouldn’t cause any discomfort. You may also swallow a rubber band or two along your journey, but this is nothing to be concerned about. The rubber band should pass through your digestive system without any problems. If a problem does arise, please contact your orthodontist.

Not Wearing your Bands can Extend your Treatment Time

Remember, your orthodontist will prescribe rubber bands that are specific to your mouth and the issue that needs to be corrected. Wearing rubber bands incorrectly, or wearing rubber bands that were not prescribed to or for you, can cause your orthodontic appliances to break, or the worsening of your bite.

If you have any questions or concerns about your rubber bands, contact your orthodontist. Rubber bands aren’t the best treatment plan for everyone, but it can be a quick and easy way to get your bite right, without prolonging your braces experience! Please call our friendly team today at 502-231-1418 for more answers to your questions!