Happy Baby

Any dentist will tell you that as a doctor who works with children, primarily young ones at that, certain essential skills are necessary. After all, it’s just as hard as being a parent. A good sense of interaction with family members, care and tenderness, and a healthy dose of spontaneity are key traits, and ones that pediatricians all over the world excel at. Two questions: how do they do that, and how do we get on that level?

A simple Google search canHappyBaby yield fruitful results and set you on the path that our baby-comforting role models can vouch for. When you get a chance, type “How To Make Babies Love You” into the Internet. If you’re on the same web as I am, you’ll get about 89 million pages of results. Though it takes Google about half a second to tell us that, it can take a lifetime to learn to be truly loved by a baby.

Articles entitled “10 Signs Your Baby Likes You” and “How To Make A Baby Laugh (With Pictures)” can be valuable resources, but it is important to realize that these articles usually present broad principles and generalities: each baby should be approached with care, concern, and positivity. Dentists excel at this, probably because they spend their days practicing ways to make babies love them — although they are no substitute for loving mothers and fathers, we can all pick up some practical tips from our friendliness experts.

Some dentists will tell you that one of the best ways to make babies love life is to get their siblings involved. Funny faces, chasing games, peekaboo — all fair game. However, the most surprising trick may be the most obvious of all. The best way to make babies laugh is by…laughing! Laughter is contagious, so maybe the best way to make babies happy is to just be happy yourself! Good luck, and much love.