Make Brushing Teeth Fun!

We often have parents coming into our office asking about what they can do to make tooth brushing something the whole family can look forward to.

Make-Brushing-FunHas brushing become a daily battle in your home? If you’re exhausted by the thought of getting your child’s pearly whites brushed twice daily, then you should know you aren’t alone!

All parents know the frustration filled fiasco that brushing teeth can be with little ones! Lackluster tooth brushing habits can lead to costly cavities.

Let us help make tantrums, tears and cavities a thing of the past! Learn some of our tricks of the trade that have proven to be effective in helping to make brushing teeth a fun activity in your home again.

  1. Make Time for Music! Utilizing your child’s favorite song of the moment you can both groove to the beat while you’re improving your oral health!
  2. Tick Tock. Use a handy egg timer from your kitchen to give your kid a concrete representation of the two minutes they need to brush!
  3. Ready, Set, Brush! A little friendly sibling rivalry.
  4. Take Turns. Empower your children: have them show you how to properly brush your teeth by having them demonstrate! Follow along and ask for pointers! You may even choose to trade off by allowing them to show you how to brush for 30 seconds and switch so you’re brushing for 30 seconds!
  5. Turn to Technology. For the technology savvy kids out there you may want to use another tactic to grab their attention. There are a ton of fun apps that have been created specifically for tooth brushing time! Break out the iPad and download the Toothsavers Brushing Game.