Sports Drinks: What to Know Going into Summer Sports!

Whether you’re heading into spring and summer sports with your children, or your children are fans of the beverage, sports drinks are everywhere! While sports drinks may seem like the healthy alternative to water, they can in actuality be quite damaging to your child’s teeth.

'child drinking sports drink'How do sports drinks damage teeth?

While sports drinks do tend to have high amounts of sugar, that’s not the only thing that makes them detrimental to your child’s oral health. The acidity in the drink can also cause irreversible damage to teeth. The acid in sports drinks breaks down enamel, causing teeth to be more susceptible to cavities.  It also can cause them to become overly sensitive to temperature changes and touch. 

Water is the best way to quench thirst and keep teeth strong. Eliminating sports drinks from your child’s diet completely is the way to go.  Hydration with water is typically all that is needed for athletes, even at the highest level.  Cool water feels great, tastes great and is the healthiest choice for the body!